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Alpha Cenauri Beckons

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Finally after more then a year in development this production has finally hit the internet.

Alpha Cenauri Beckons is a video about the ECR engine (Electron Cyclotron Resonance). The ECR is the very latest in advanced space propulsion. Using solid state components it is expected to give about 1.5 to 2 times the power over other current in-space propulsion systems. The ECR will require less maintenance because it doesn’t use electrodes (which wear out during opeartion) to generate electron resonance plasma. The extra performance comes from the facts of science that electron resonance has a higher energy state with which to eject plasma particles through the engine nozzle. In ECR propulsion ions are ejected more axially imparting more thrust. Specific Impulse (Isp) is about 5,000 sec. with the potential to go to 10,000 seconds which gives about 50,000 m/s to about 100,000 m/s exit velocity. The ECR was developed from the Gas Dynamic Mirror propulsive device which conceptually can generate fusion propulsion when materials and technologies, such as improved heat-to-electricity, are advanced to support fusion. When such technologies and materials are so advanced, the ECR can be configured to generate fusion. This will open up the entire solar system to manned travel. It could even make manned travel beyond our solar system a possibility! Alpha Centauri Beckons!

This is my first HD production!

Thanks to Allen Goodman for the voice over, and Tangerine Dream for the music (Stratosfear 1995).

Engine design by Al Reisz of Reisz Engineers.



Spam Attack, Solutions, Fight Back with the Right Tools!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Hey guys and gals.

Thankfully I’ve finally got some attention from the spammers.

For those of you who haven’t been watching my site lately, I’ve gotten hit with a DOS - Denial of Service Attack.

Thank goodness I don’t have any business operations on my site, so it doesn’t really matter. The network engineers at my host, I really want to thank them for the extra effort on shutting these jerks down!

There was a report released recently on Information Weekly

Activation Energy - Pressurized HHO

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

A few weeks ago I got in a conversation with someone about HHO gas and was told that because the gas is mixed and if it’s under pressure it becomes volitile. The person telling me this said that it would become EXTREAMLY unstable, so much so that it would be comparable to nitroglycerin. A single breath of air or tap of the finger or so much as looking at it sternly

Forum and Blog Updates

Monday, March 30th, 2009

I just wanted to inform everyone that some changes have been made to the forum and the blog on my site. In case you haven’t noticed, all users registered on the forum are now also registered on the blog and all users registered on the blog are now also registered on the forums for my site. I’ve also updated the graphics for the login and reg. pages. A number of additional security measures have been put into place to keep the spammers and hackers out. This has proven to be most effective! Dan also added a useful and much needed Nav-bar to the forums.

All of this is special thanks to my new friend and part-time employee Dan Meeks. I had to bring Dan in because all of this has grown beyond the scope were I could manage it all by my self. Dan is an amazing web programmer and brings a lot of skills to the table. I want to thank Dan for the incredible work and efforts that he’s made on updating the site and making sure that everything works together so well, all without breaking my bank account. (Completely… ;-) )

If you want to hire Dan to work on one of your projects, let this stand as a professional recommendation. You can reach him on his Rent-A-Coder page here:

But please, if your going to hire Dan for one of your projects, don’t give him to much work, as I still have more stuff for him to do on my site first. :-P



NTFS Undelete - Review

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Just the other day I was working on a document at work that was very important! I had several places to back-up the document to because of different versions of the software that I was working with at the same time. I was in a hurry and saved the file then went to copy it to the other folder for the other version of our software. I knew I would be over writing the other older version, however, I accedently selected from the wrong window. I selected the old file and did a drag-n-drop to the new folder. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t check the expected pop-up request to over-write the file. I just clicked yes. So the old file just destroyed all the changes I just worked so hard to make on the new file.

How many of you have made this exact mistake so many times?

Your choices, well you could go out and download some trialware product that will not let you actually recover anything unless you pay. Or you could just out-right buy some comercial solution for undeleting the file really fast. You’ve just got one file you want to undelete and your in a hurry to recover it. You don’t need some massive corporate solution with a big price tag on it, and your under the gun to get this document out the door so you don’t really have the time to redo all the work you just did.

The solution I found is called NTFS Undelete. This is a simple, easy to use and FREE Undelete package that will scan a particular folder or drive and give you the option to navigate some folders or files that may have been deleted and recover them, or copy them to another drive.

I installed this thing and was able to recover my document for FREE and without even rebooting!

Cheers and Enjoy!


In Memory of: Konrad Dannenberg (by Greg Allison -NSS)

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

I just got this summary from an old friend in Minnesota:

Ben Huset president of the MNSFS - Minnesota Space Frontier Society

This is a sumary of a great man who passed away this week: Konrad Dannenberg

Written by Greg Allison of the Huntsville HAL-5 chapter of NSS - National Space Society

Space Pioneer Konrad K. Dannenberg passed away on the 16th of February 2009 at the age of 96. He was not only one of the last of the Von Braun’s original rocket team, but one of the most active publicly. In the 1920’s Dannenberg began his rocketry career developing mail rockets after a lecture by Max Valier inspired his interest in space. Mr. Dannenberg designed the injectors of the A4 “V-2″ rocket. Dannenberg went to Ft. Bliss Texas as part of Operation Paper Clip to advance US Army missile development. Later he transfered with the rest of the German Rocket Team to Redstone Arsenal next to Hunstville Alabama where he became a manager on the US Army’s Jupiter and Redstone missiles. He joined NASA when the Marshall Space Flight Center was formed and became a key member of America’s first program to land people on the moon. Mr. Dannenberg rose to the position of depty director of the Saturn V Program, developing the largest rocket ever flown.

This earned him NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal. After retiring from NASA in 1973 Dannenberg worked extensively with young people to foster their interest in space. He was an instructor at the US Space Camp, and led the way for student flight experiments on space shuttle Get-Away-Special (GAS) canisters. As a man of vision, Dannenberg was active in the World Future Society. He was a charter member and served on the Board of Directors of the L5 Society, parent society to the National Space Society. Mr. Dannenberg played a critical role in starting Huntsville’s chapter the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5). He called HAL5’s first meeting. Dannenberg was a major advocate for Newspace. He was an advisor to the Canadian X-Prize Team that sought to build an uprated manned V-2. He was there in the Mojave when Burt Rutan’s team won the X-Prize and later presented NSS’s Von Braun award to Rutan. Dannenberg’s career spawnned the entire space age. He inspired many young people to seek careers in space, science and engineering. Many engineers were inspired to excellence by the example Dannenberg established both in his areas of technology development and public service. Konrad Dannenberg set the bar that we should all strive to meet. Those of us that were honored to know Konrad will dearly miss him.

Message to Spammers!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Well, there’s egg and bacon,
egg sausage and bacon
Egg and spam
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Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam.

(Choir: Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!)

To the Spammers: (ALL of them!!!)

Just in case you didn’t catch my previous post, here it is for your referance:

Please spam me some more, because every spam you send me WILL be reported to the FTC - Federal Trade Commission, and the FCC - Federal Communications Commission. Furthermore I will actually go through the process of doing a WhoIs on your domain names, The domain name you send the e-mail from, and the domain name you are spamming a link to. I will report these spam infractions to the related ISPs - Internet Service Providers and DNSs - Domain Name Service Providers. I tell you what! I’ll even give you my e-mail directly so that it will make it easier for your bots to pickup on it and spam it directly. Please be warned that this means WAR!!! If you play with fire, expect to get burned! If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen! Oh and nice try hacking my IP, but I squashed your viruses! Also I must commend you on a nice job with the online bank phishing site, very nice work! Although your going to have to do a better job on the domain name redirect, it’s a little obvious when the SSL isn’t enabled and the domain name has nothing to do with my bank.

So here it is, here is my e-mail, feel free to spam me all you want!!! But I warn you, you will be reported!

Spam at your own risk!!!



Americans in Orbit 50 Years

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I’ve just accepted a position on the Advisory Board for the organization known as “Americans in Orbit 50 Years”. My title will be Senior Technologist.

I must say this is really exciting for me! This is moving in exactly the direction I’ve always dreamed my life would go! Only I never thought it would be possible!!!! Yet here I am living MY dream! The full energy and excitement of this appointment hasn’t completely hit me yet. I suppose that’s partly because I’m such a work-a-holic and so friggin busy these days that everything just seems to go in a blur.

In any event I need to mention some of the things that this organization brings to the table. First I will start with the names and affiliations of the other board members:

T.J. O’Mally, Former Launch Director for Friendship 7

Charles Arthur “Chuck” Biggs, Sr., Former VP, Manned Spaceflight Education Foundation Inc.

Larry R. Capps, CEO, U.S. Space and Rocket Center

William Coleman, Chief of Project Blue Book (UFO Investigations)

Al Reisz, CEO of Reisz Engineers

Konrad K. Dannenberg, Deupty Manager of the Saturn Rocket Program

Lorraine Ruiz, Operations Manager of NASA’s Ames Exploration Encounter Program

Bill Larson, Director of Media Relations

These are giant people in the world of space flight and I’m proud and honored to be counted among them in representing the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and other technology and engineering developments.

I should also note that we hare having a special event at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration

Bailing out auto industry?!

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

So the latest question everyone seems to be raving out about is if the US government should bail out the automotive industry?

Well first of all I’d like to get your comments on this.

Now I’ll state my thoughts. I think it’s the worst idea ever conceived by human beings! Why would you pay the largest industry in the world to continue producing the worlds largest and most inefficient fleet of vehicles? What ever happened to free market?!

If the government is going to put money into the auto industry it should fund better technology. We are still using automotive technology from the late 18th century! The original Model-T from the early 1900’s

Scamming HHO? and Space Travel Bone Loss

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Seems someone on my site just claimed that I am “Scamming” my readers on Hydrogen technology….