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Married, Birthday, Anniversary & Back

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Well it’s been about a year since I’ve posted to this blog. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. I got married and didn’t have time to write blog posts or anything of that nature!
2. I couldn’t write blog posts for much of the time because I was in the process of migrating the entire site from one host to another plus migrating the back-end of the site from one master data management system to a new master data management system. This took a lot longer then expected because we had to back up the database of course then re-migrate the database to the new system, and finally deploy it in the new system plus a whole new testing phase and of course we ran into a lot of problems along the way. As is the story of my life.

For those of you who have been faithful to this site you might remember all the problems I’ve been having. Well I finally found an old friend who could really help me get things lined up properly. More about that later.

So what all has happened! Well basically everything has completely changed in my life! As I said I’ve gotten married exactly 1 year ago today. Today is also my birthday. In addition to that my wife just got a new job! Plus we just closed on our first house and finished getting moved in! So needless to say I’ve been SUPER BUSY!!!!

So you can expect that I have a lot to talk about, but of course I can’t fit it all into a single blog post!

Hopefully we will have the new slide-show system online soon for the new site. Also the forums are nearly finished but they need some stuff to be updated so I’ll be working on that. We are doing some new templates for a new system we hope to roll out to the site.

When all of this stuff moves forward then we should start to see tons of new content on the site and I really can’t wait!

I hope to have a lot more stuff for the blog and I definately have a lot of updates to write about!

Ok, so about my friend who is helping me get this site sorted out. This is a friend that I’ve known personally for about 23 years now! He is the best friend I’ve ever known and probably ever will know in my entire life! With so many years experience as friends he is like a brother to me and I’m like a brother to him indeed I probably know him better then his own family knows him. ;-D

My friend has been in the website and web-apps business for a good many years now and I decided to bring him in as my web-dev manager! It turns out it was the one best move that I could have ever done, I just wish I could have done it sooner. My friends name is Eric and his web/biz development company is

He also has a number of other sites:

He has also helped me to totally revamp the web page.

As you will see we have a whole new interface and design! We’ve also totally revamped the back-end of that site, added support to hosting seed-files for Orbiter distribution through torrents, and there is a whole lot more going on right now!

That’s all the time I have for today, so I hope you have as wonderful a day as we have planned!


In Memory of: Konrad Dannenberg (by Greg Allison -NSS)

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

I just got this summary from an old friend in Minnesota:

Ben Huset president of the MNSFS - Minnesota Space Frontier Society

This is a sumary of a great man who passed away this week: Konrad Dannenberg

Written by Greg Allison of the Huntsville HAL-5 chapter of NSS - National Space Society

Space Pioneer Konrad K. Dannenberg passed away on the 16th of February 2009 at the age of 96. He was not only one of the last of the Von Braun’s original rocket team, but one of the most active publicly. In the 1920’s Dannenberg began his rocketry career developing mail rockets after a lecture by Max Valier inspired his interest in space. Mr. Dannenberg designed the injectors of the A4 “V-2″ rocket. Dannenberg went to Ft. Bliss Texas as part of Operation Paper Clip to advance US Army missile development. Later he transfered with the rest of the German Rocket Team to Redstone Arsenal next to Hunstville Alabama where he became a manager on the US Army’s Jupiter and Redstone missiles. He joined NASA when the Marshall Space Flight Center was formed and became a key member of America’s first program to land people on the moon. Mr. Dannenberg rose to the position of depty director of the Saturn V Program, developing the largest rocket ever flown.

This earned him NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal. After retiring from NASA in 1973 Dannenberg worked extensively with young people to foster their interest in space. He was an instructor at the US Space Camp, and led the way for student flight experiments on space shuttle Get-Away-Special (GAS) canisters. As a man of vision, Dannenberg was active in the World Future Society. He was a charter member and served on the Board of Directors of the L5 Society, parent society to the National Space Society. Mr. Dannenberg played a critical role in starting Huntsville’s chapter the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5). He called HAL5’s first meeting. Dannenberg was a major advocate for Newspace. He was an advisor to the Canadian X-Prize Team that sought to build an uprated manned V-2. He was there in the Mojave when Burt Rutan’s team won the X-Prize and later presented NSS’s Von Braun award to Rutan. Dannenberg’s career spawnned the entire space age. He inspired many young people to seek careers in space, science and engineering. Many engineers were inspired to excellence by the example Dannenberg established both in his areas of technology development and public service. Konrad Dannenberg set the bar that we should all strive to meet. Those of us that were honored to know Konrad will dearly miss him.

Americans in Orbit 50 Years

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I’ve just accepted a position on the Advisory Board for the organization known as “Americans in Orbit 50 Years”. My title will be Senior Technologist.

I must say this is really exciting for me! This is moving in exactly the direction I’ve always dreamed my life would go! Only I never thought it would be possible!!!! Yet here I am living MY dream! The full energy and excitement of this appointment hasn’t completely hit me yet. I suppose that’s partly because I’m such a work-a-holic and so friggin busy these days that everything just seems to go in a blur.

In any event I need to mention some of the things that this organization brings to the table. First I will start with the names and affiliations of the other board members:

T.J. O’Mally, Former Launch Director for Friendship 7

Charles Arthur “Chuck” Biggs, Sr., Former VP, Manned Spaceflight Education Foundation Inc.

Larry R. Capps, CEO, U.S. Space and Rocket Center

William Coleman, Chief of Project Blue Book (UFO Investigations)

Al Reisz, CEO of Reisz Engineers

Konrad K. Dannenberg, Deupty Manager of the Saturn Rocket Program

Lorraine Ruiz, Operations Manager of NASA’s Ames Exploration Encounter Program

Bill Larson, Director of Media Relations

These are giant people in the world of space flight and I’m proud and honored to be counted among them in representing the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and other technology and engineering developments.

I should also note that we hare having a special event at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration

Cheap Space Access

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

I was going to comment on this article:

But I’ve been to busy at work and at home to really put together anything as of yet, since I wanted to post pictures along with my argument. I’ll have to get to it later.

I did, however, want to note these two articles also recently posted on the MNSFS mailing list:


Yet another adventure

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Current mood: melancholy
Category: Life

Last nite was the most irritating Friday I’ve had in a long long time!

After waiting all week for my favorite TV show on every Friday night, my roomates decide to throw a pre-party before they head out to the bar. Thankfully we have DVR. The only plus side was that TJ decided to have a little jam session with his friends. He’s good enough that it actually sounds really awesome. So it’s kind of like having a live band concert in your living room, just for you. Kind of cool, but it wears off after a few hours while waiting to watch my favorite TV show.

The only draw back of having a live band in your living room, is that its loud! Which tends to draw complaints from the neighbors. So the police showed up after everyone else had already gone to the bar. I gave them the proper information of course and they asked me to warn my roommates about future violations. So when Britney called me later that night to ask me to move the wine coolers from the freezer to the fridge ( I did this), I warned her about what the police said about future noise violations. Then I went to bed and put my ear plugs in for the night.

I slept very well, except for the ringing in my ears.

Oh well, it did go away after awhile, and I did sleep ok.

The exciting part about life is I’ll be going to Washington DC for the International Mars Society Conferance. I’m presenting there about Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, and more specifically Orbiter Mars Direct Project. I still have some 3D modeling to finish for that, and some texture maps.

I also have to finish that boat Farr40 model today if possible. I had originally modeled the ropes for the railing, and the struts for the big arch thing in the middle of the boat using NURBS lines, and I just gave them a mesh thickness. I thought the mesh would export with all the other meshes, but it didn’t. So now I have to remodel those parts of the boat.

Also some optimization routines that I ran on the mesh after the modeling was finished screwed up the connections between some of those mesh segments. So I have to adjust those as well.

It’s really kind of frustrating that some of these projects have to take so long, and so much time! I just try to get them all done at once but they never seem to get finished just when I think they are about to be finished. Then there is more work to do