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Alpha Cenauri Beckons

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Finally after more then a year in development this production has finally hit the internet.

Alpha Cenauri Beckons is a video about the ECR engine (Electron Cyclotron Resonance). The ECR is the very latest in advanced space propulsion. Using solid state components it is expected to give about 1.5 to 2 times the power over other current in-space propulsion systems. The ECR will require less maintenance because it doesn’t use electrodes (which wear out during opeartion) to generate electron resonance plasma. The extra performance comes from the facts of science that electron resonance has a higher energy state with which to eject plasma particles through the engine nozzle. In ECR propulsion ions are ejected more axially imparting more thrust. Specific Impulse (Isp) is about 5,000 sec. with the potential to go to 10,000 seconds which gives about 50,000 m/s to about 100,000 m/s exit velocity. The ECR was developed from the Gas Dynamic Mirror propulsive device which conceptually can generate fusion propulsion when materials and technologies, such as improved heat-to-electricity, are advanced to support fusion. When such technologies and materials are so advanced, the ECR can be configured to generate fusion. This will open up the entire solar system to manned travel. It could even make manned travel beyond our solar system a possibility! Alpha Centauri Beckons!

This is my first HD production!

Thanks to Allen Goodman for the voice over, and Tangerine Dream for the music (Stratosfear 1995).

Engine design by Al Reisz of Reisz Engineers.