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Stock Market Joke

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Between the events on Friday and again today I couldn’t help but be reminded of a certain 80’s cartoon called “Duck Tales”.

For those of you born in the 90’s, or those of you who never watch TV in the 80’s, this was a show about a duck-like cartoon character called “Scrooge McDuck” who is so filthy rich that he has to have this “Money Bin” in which to hold all his gold and money such that he can go swimming in it.

There are many great episodes in this short running series, but the one that I was reminded of today is an episode where someone convinces Scrooge that all his money is doing him no good sitting in the money bin and he should invest it in the stock market. So Scrooge goes out and gets a computer in his office and installs a massive electronic display to give him the latest figures of the stock market. With all of this information installed in his office he is happy watching is “bottom line” grow. The line shows growth and Scrooge is very satisfied for a change. Then suddenly the red line representing the current stock drops straight down and hits the frame at the bottom of the display. The frame breaks and the red line continues along the wall to the floor where it punches a hole in the hard wood floor of his office.

Scrooge McDuck walks over to the whole and bends over to inspect it with his spectacles, and the look on his face says it all, “What the HELL was that?!?!”

I just couldn’t help but laugh at this mental image in light of the current state of events, thus I thought I would share it with the rest of you. I only wish I could have posted this as a clip on YouTube. ;)

Netflix VS Blockbuster - Service Review

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I’ve had a lot of people ask me which is better, so I thought I would write a review about my experience with both, then let you decide.

I first began using Blockbuster in mid 2007 shortly after moving into my own apartment. I didn’t have roommates any more, and thus I did not own a TV of my own. Neither did I want a TV because the allure to watch is usually to much for me, and very shortly I am reminded as to why I didn’t want to turn the blasted thing on in the first place!

This is usually about when the first Progressive Auto Insurance and Lending-Tree advertisements start to show up showing me brief flashes of satisfied customers or some guy shaving his head to be more “Progressive”, followed by another ad with some guy telling me to go to my doctor and ask about Cialis. Well this goes really well for me at the time when I didn’t have a doctor and no medical insurance… You do the math! And it gets worse for me when McDonald’s comes on telling me to go try their new flavor of Chicken Nuggets, and buy some new brand of Nike shoes cause my current pair is “obsolete” or “out of style”, followed by some advert asking me “What’s in your wallet?” or telling me that I MUST own the latest quick mop for getting those hard to reach places in my apartment that has only 2 hard floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Let me be the first to say that I only have 1…count them ONE, hard to reach place, and that’s behind the toilet, why again should I get in my car, spend gas to go

Additonal Electrolyzer Optimization Options Part 1

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Now your probably wondering what possible additional optimizations could possibly be made over and above all the information I’ve already covered?

It turns out there was another special someone who calls himself “Bob”. Apparently Bob was involved with running a boating company and wanted to increase the fuel efficiency of his boat motors and help lower the operating expenses of his business as related to fuel costs, as the story goes. So Bob started to experiment with Hydrogen boosters and Electrolyzer’s. In his experiments he discovered that he could get massive amounts of Hydrogen by using a triple phase induction transformer toroid winding coil. Driving the signal into this coil was an array of 3 MosFet’s each of them tuned to a different pulse width modulation frequency.

You’ll notice that in my previous post I described something similar as defined by Stanley Meyer. It turns out the system defined by Stanley Meyer was only using one signal generator, and one finely tuned frequency signal, with gaps between the signal pulses, or pulse trains as he calls them in his patent. Bob’s system on the other hand fills in the gaps by transitioning the signal delivered through the transformer to the Electrolyzer circuit between three different in-phase signals at differently tuned frequencies.

There is a basis for this concept and it would seem to work, however, there are trade-offs of the concept, and I have not had the chance to test any of this, as I have stated I need to buy an Oscilloscope to get a properly designed system that would be capable of testing under these conditions. The idea, is that as the Hydrogen and Oxygen bubble off under the conditions of Signal frequency 1 the bubbles will cause the dielectric constant of the water to shift. At that point Signal frequency 1 shuts off, and signal frequency 2 takes over tuned to the new dielectric constant of the water with the bubbles of gas and because the frequency is different again the dielectric constant changes again ever so slightly, and again frequency 2 shuts off, and signal frequency 3 takes over tuned to the new dielectric constant of the water with the new set of bubbles of gas, and so on back to frequency 1. In this way there are no gaps between the frequency pulse trains and the signal frequency more closely matches the dielectric constant of the water as the bubbles of gas cause it to change.

The problem with this idea is that now there is no gap of time between pulse trains and it is more likely that the very high electric voltage applied across the plates will generate additional heat. However, since the signal more closely matches the dielectric constant the heat should be mostly minimized, and gas production maximized. A study would need to be done on the thermal equilibrium of the system and at what temp the Electrolyzer will reach thermal equilibrium. To much heat in the system and again we end up with a glorified water heater!

There is one more possible optimization that could potentially improve on this conceptual design and I will cover it in another post. So stay tuned.

Hope you guys like this. :) Comments?