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HHO “Browns Gas” Engine Booster

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

There have been a lot of new excitement lately about HHO gas also called “Browns Gas” or “Hydroxy Gas” mainly focused around the rising cost of gas. New posts on YouTube and all kinds of activity one web forums and chat rooms. There are some common missunderstandings that I should point out about this before getting any more detailed.

1. HHO Booster is NOT a fuel cell! A fuel cell takes VERY pure Hydrogen and VERY pure oxygen and pushes the Hydrogen through a Proton Membrane Exchange that strips the electrons from the Hydrogen. The electrons flow around a circuit producing electric power and recombine at the other end of the membrane with the Hydrogen and Oxygen producing water and heat as the byproducts of the chemical reaction. An HHO booster does exactly the opposite, it uses electricity to split the Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water molecule into two gasses. The Oxygen bubbles from one terminal suspended in the aquious solution, and the Hydrogen bubbles from the other terminal suspended in the aquious solution. When the bubbles reach the surface they recombine in very week diatomic bonds, typically H2 and O2. At that point the seperate molecules again recombine into further week molecular bonds at random configurations while retaining their gasious state. For instance H4O2, H16O8, H44O22, etc…

2. When HHO burns it does not produce Carbon or Carbon Dioxide as a result. Burning in the traditional sense is simply a chemical reaction that produces heat. For those of you who didn’t pay attention in High School Chemistry class, this is called a exothermic reaction, a reaction that produces heat. This is from the reogranization of electrons and atomic nucli into a more stable configuration with less entrophy. The heat and light and kinetic energy released as a product of that reaction is a chemical process. If carbon or other materials are caught up in the reaction, then it is sufficient that these other compounds will also be reacted with the Oxygen present in the burning process since HHO tends to burn rather hot and fast it does burn or oxydize these other products. There are plenty of other examples of oxidizing and exothermic reactions. The curing of cement is one example of an exothermic reaction since it produces heat. Rusting metal is another example although you don’t typically feel the heat coming off of rusting metal if you ever tried to burn steal wool then you know what I’m talking about. When steal wool burns it is exactly the same reaction as your car rusting, the metal is essentially oxidizing.

3. When HHO burns it does not consume atomic nucli to produce the heat and kinetic energy of the burning process. If it did then the process would be a nuclear reaction and it is NOT! HHO burning is simply your run-of-the-mill CHEMICAL reaction. Nuclear reactions typically produce far more energy and this energy would not be contained in your engine block. Your car engine would simply melt if this was the case, and for the few seconds it might last you’d produce copious amounts of neutrons redily detectable with any geiger counter. Also burning HHO does not produce any cosmic rays in your engine! If your going to talk technical about this stuff then you should learn what it is you are talking about. If you don’t know what it is your talking about then you should do some research and find out! Using terms you don’t understand in your language will only make you look stupid, and everything associated with what it is your doing will then look like a scam to anybody who investigates your results. Furthermore it makes the rest of us look bad who are actually working on getting results in the proper context that does not include your cosmic rays! If you don’t have something meaningful to add to the subject then go read something useful on Wikipedia and educate yourself before you talk or speak or report or blog about

C++ to HTML Converter - Review

Friday, June 20th, 2008

I just discovered today that Notepad++ has an export tool to export any style of code to HTML. I must say this is an even better solution since it seems to work perfectly for all types of code. I think I’ll be using this in the future for all my code projects and tutorials.

For those of you who don’t know, Notepad++ is an Open Source project on Source Forge and a rather popular one! It has loads of plugins and can work as its own development environment.

Message to Recuiters and hiring managers!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

A few days ago I posted about how to start your job search campaign, and I mentioned how I don’t have any experience with Mercury at all, how I’ve never heard of Mercury and I didn’t know what it was, other then the Mercury Capsule that was launched by NASA putting the first American into space in the 60’s, or the element on the periodic table that is often used for barometric pressure and tempature measurements. I talked about how putting my experience developing a Mercury control panel for a space flight simulator:

Lead to many recruiters calling me or contacting me for my exerience developing with Mercury. I should mention that I did try to apply for some of those jobs, but I never got an interview as a result. I suspect because I didn’t have any experience with Mercury. However, I just found out today that a 2-day training program my company signed me up for is about QTP - Quick Test Professional, which is, essentially, Mercury. I didn’t even know that! In a single day I learned how to setup QTP, how to use QTP to build and integrate ATP’s - Automated Test Procedures for our company products, as well how to program QTP, and use QTP to validate data in our company products.

I don’t think I’ve given away any propriatary information there, I hope not. <g>

My new NEW Bike

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Yesterday I went by our local bike shop just walking distance from my office and looked at the bikes they have for sale and I found one I liked. So I rode my old new bike back to Walmart and returned it. Thankfully the customer service lady did give me a full refund, she better have after all that went so totally wrong with that thing in just 2 days! The lady in line behind me laughed because it was so new the tag was still on it. Then I walked back to the other bike shop and they had me test ride the bike I had picked out and I liked it. When I was done testing it out, one guy said there was another one in the back corner with the same set of features, including a few extra features and also more built for my size. So I test road that one, and they said it was still a little small, but I fell in love with it immediately! So that was the bike I purchased. In the last two days I’ve grown to love it even more! It is such a joy to ride. The bike is a Scott mountain bike with some road bike cross-over features since I’ll be using it to commute to and from work every day.

Today I took the bike in and had some extra stuff installed on the bike. They did it for FREE!!! I didn’t even know they would do that! SOOO AMAZING! So if you live in the Huntsville Area, and you are looking for bike, I can definately say Madison Cycles is THE PLACE to go! Who says there isn’t such a thing as FREE energy?! If I can get to and from work without having to put gas in my tank, then I call that free energy! :D

Thanks! You guys ROCK!!!



My Doritos, Sound the Feasting Horn! & Walmart Bike

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Last week I thought I’d buy a bicycle so I can start to ride to work rather then drive and spend more on gas. So I shopped around and the nearest bike shop had their cheepest bike on sale for $400. I thought that was a bit high for a bicycle so I went to Walmart and looked around. Their best bike was about $200, so I got it since it was better then any bike I’ve ever had in the past! Disk breaks, suspension. A few days later we had a massive rain storm and on my way home I thought if I’m going to ride my bike to and from work, a rain coat might be a good idea. So I got one at Walmart on my way home. When I got home I realised that I accedently left my bag of Doritos that I paid for at the store. So I thought, hey what a great chance to test out my new bike and make sure I can get to work in the rain since Walmart isn’t far from my office, just across the street almost. So I changed into exercise cloths, threw on my rain coat, grabbed my water proof backpack and jumped on my bike. I rode my bike towards my work, and discovered that the only way to get from the new housing development to our corporate campus was to cross a dirt field that has a dirt road running through it. In the rain this dirt road became a pit of mucky RED Alamaba Clay! I got across to our campus but not before becoming soaked in red mud head to toe. Fortunately the rain coat kept the mud off my exericse cloths. When I reached Walmart I had to chain my bike up and stamp the mud from my shoes as much as possible. I went in and got MY Doritos. Put them in my backpack and got back to my bike. On my way back to my place, I tried to race through a yellow light on my bike and pulled a muscel in my back. That was painful! By the time I reached the mud pit again the handle bars on the bike where loose, so loose I could barely control the thing. The mud only made this worse! I got across again and back to my place at which point I had to completely hose off with a garden hose, the bike and myself completely! Finally I changed into some dry cloths and sat down to enjoy MY Doritos! Sound the Feasting Horn!

The next day I went for another ride to Walmart, after the mud had dried and tightening the handle bars. At this point I discovered that the shifter wasn’t working and the gears would jam. Also the front disk breaks are completely gone, and the mud shield had come partly off, even though there wasn’t much mud on it to begin with. Most of the mud ended up on the tires and not on the shield! This is Alabama clay we are talking about after all. The lesson is, don’t waste your money on a Walmart Bike, no matter how nice it looks!



Preparing to launch your job search campaign.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I call it a campaign because that’s exactly what it is. Your running for office, maybe not an elected position, but you want a job. That could be a job in an office, or it could be a construction job, warehouse job, industrial job, sales job, ect…

How to live cheep!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I’ve heard a lot about unemployment lately in the news so I thought I would do a series of posts about the cost of living and job searching since I’ve been doing it for a number of years now almost continously, I feel I have a pretty fresh idea on how to make it work.

That said I have only just recently landed my dream job, and doing it in this job market, I believe is a testament that speaks louder then any words about just how well I’ve managed to adapt.

Ok so you’ve lost your job, been laid off, or had your hours cut below 5 hours a week. Believe me I’ve been there! If you don’t believe me maybe you should have a look around on my site and see for yourself in some of my photo galleries.

First things first. Cut all your non-essential expenses. This means Cable TV, home phone, extra features on your cell phone (e-mail, extra minutes, internet, vision, etc…), stop using your Air Conditioning so much!, any habbits such as Saturday night DVD rentals or theater runs, cut back on everything that is absolutely non-essential to searching for a job. You may have to cancel some doctors visits unless it’s vital medical issue. Stop going for pedicure’s, manicure’s, and minimize your shopping down to almost nothing, also only a haircut when it is really necessary only. This means no more frequent trips to the hair shop for highlights and all the extra treatment junk. You should be able to maintain a professional appearance without all these extra expensive treatments. (Lets face it, you have minimal to no income! Gas prices are shooting up faster then the Space Shuttle! You need to be real about your situation!!!)

Essential elements for a job search are the following, A cell phone (You need to take every single call, no matter who it is or what the caller ID says! Any time day or night!) You still need car insurance, renters insurance, and high speed internet (for online job applications), food to maintain yourself in reasonable health, basic cosmetics to look professional on a moments notice when that interview does get setup, a good functional car to get you to interviews on time in your local area, and gas in your car so you don’t have to stop for gas and fillup before an interview, and most important of all, a nicely pressed clean professional suite and tie or business suite for women with a knee length dress. It will also help if you can have a classy looking leather organizer to hold resumes and papers that your interview will give you, as well to hold example work from previous jobs. These organizers are cheep and can often be found as

C++ to HTML Converter

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Today I was searching for a C++ to HTML converter. I spent about two hours searching through Google search results and found lots of stuff that “Claimed” to convert C++ code into HTML and a few that actually did it. But I’ve been looking specifically for a tool that will keep the colors exactly or very closely to what a developer would see in Visual Studio. There are a number of tools out there that will convert C++ code into HTML code, but none of them keep the color scheme that I was looking for. Some of them allow you to edit the color schema but most of them would error out as a result of the edits, or simply not work.

I had a friend recommend that I try DOxygen, which actually generated TONS of HTML code, however none of it was the source code that I had opened and looked at in notepad. I didn’t feel like spending additional hours trying to figure out how to configure DOxygen for such a simple task of converting C++ code into HTML code. So I kept searching, you would think such a simple task would not be hard to find a solution to esspecially since both C++ and HTML have been around longer then the hills!

So I started searching on and again I found a lot of programs that “Claim” to do the job, but a lot of them are “Platform Independent” and again I didn’t want to struggle through the process of figuring out how to install them, configure them and finally use them. So I kept searching again. Finally after about 3 hours of searching I found a little tool hidden away on It’s a command line progarm but it does the job, this thing is so simple its silly!

I love simple!!! Esspecially when it comes to something like this. The program comes with a cpp.css file that you can edit in notepad to change the output colors, and changing the file then resaving it doesn’t break the file as long as you save it back as a .css file and not a .css.txt file which Notepad has a tendancy to do by default. If you watch out for that behavior aside it works perfectly!

You can find the tool here:

Cudos to the developers esspecially the admin since I don’t see anybody else registered on the project username: “sintflut”.

Congrads on a well made C++ to HTML converter!