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RE: CNN - Uncontacted People

Friday, May 30th, 2008

I couldn’t help but write a response to the top story this morning on

More here:

Apparently this article describes how these people have never had any contact with the outside world. The article goes on to state, “Its director, Stephen Cory, said the new photographs highlight the need to protect uncontacted people from intrusion by the outside world.”

But what I don’t get is what are we protecting them from? Starbucks and birth control pills? The last I check the modern world has a lot more innovations that make life a heck of a lot nicer not to mention life spans MUCH longer by removing problems such as Malaria, Colera, Yellow Fever not to mention cutting back on the mortality rates from the Flu, TB, Measles, and Pnumonia. So I ask again what is it that we are saving them from? Electricity, fresh drinking water? Or is it polution and over population that we are saving them from. If that is the case then why don’t we all go native and strip naked to go back to living in caves with leather straps for clothing and pick berries from the bushes.

What really bothers me is the following quoted statement in the article, “Cory said in a statement. “The world needs to wake up to this, and ensure that their territory is protected in accordance with international law. Otherwise, they will soon be made extinct.” ”

Let me make this perfectly clear! These are HUMAN BEINGS! These are NOT some species of panda or tiger! What would be extint here is the mind-set of sub-human culture older then the 3rd world. What becomes extint is the cave-man social civilization, if it can be called that. More to the point what is lost is the attachement to pre-science understanding of the world in which we live and with it a measure of the superstitions that accompany a narrow world view such as a flat Earth, Earth centric universe, or dare I say it, a Sun centered universe. Maybe people should be focusing their energy more or “Protecting” HUMANS from the Moon Landings Hoax and inspire our kids to go into fields of science, math, physics and chemistry and challenge them selves for grades better then a C-minus.

Just some food for thought!


Windows File Searching

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Have you ever noticed that Windows will some times not find the file you are looking for when you know it is there, or for a file that contains some text that you really need to find in a specific file? I have! Today I found out that Windows excludes certain files from the file search even if you select “Search Hidden Files” and “Search Sub-folders” and “Search System Files” based on the file extension, and the search will still not find the file(s) your looking for. Well that is the reason why. I did not know that although I knew there was something fishy when this happened to me

File Comparison Tool

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Recently I found a new file comparison tool that is by far the very best tool of this type that I’ve ever found. I thought I would review it here since a co-worker in my new job sent me the link.

Lighting Strikes and PC’s

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

I should point out that last night my computer was struck by lighting.

Now before you think, “Oh no, Seth lost his $8,000 computer” I should mention that my computer is still functioning perfectly in a large part to all the electrical isolation systems I’ve installed after a few years of experience with lighting strikes and computers in the past.

So I actually have 3 in-series electrical isolation systems, and in this case, all three of them where tripped and I’ll explain how I know this.

The first isolation system I have is simply over-hand knots in my electrical cords. It is debatable about how useful this is, but I can tell you first hand that my computer is functioning perfectly as I am sending this e-mail while playing video games on another monitor. So the CPU is still working great, as well all the GPU’s and boards are working perfectly.

The knot acts like a resister causing high impedance for electrical spikes with VERY VERY high voltage but low current, just like a lighting strike. This makes the lighting jump out of the cord and find another path of least resistance.

Actually not all of the lighting jumps out of the cord since lighting branches some very high voltage will continue to pass through the cord.

That’s when the very large UPS’s come in handy since they have a breaker that will click off when a very high voltage is detected. Some voltage will invariable still get through this or jump the gap completely in part or in full, although the voltage will only rarely jump in full across a breaker because it takes extremely high voltage to jump that gap. Usually lighting that gets into a computer line is not a direct strike anyways but only a very small portion of a lighting bolt (Even smaller if you have knots in your cords). Thus a UPS is still a very effective isolation system against a lighting strike for computers and other expensive and sensitive equipment.

Finally I have a rather expensive power supply in my computer chassis that also has a breaker to detect high voltages. This breaker is hardwired to look for signals at a much higher frequency and higher quality signal processor for the power input then normal power supplies, hence the extra cost.

All three systems where tripped and I know this because in a single instant I saw a flash of light down by my cords, then both of my UPS beeped loudly and the PC and all monitors shut off completely. Thus the power supply on my tower caught the rest of the over-voltage and stopped it. I could smell some smoke likely from the lighting jumping out of the cord because of the knot.

I unplugged everything for the night and went to sleep, to say the least. ;)

This is just a note to take active measures to protect your equipment from dangerous electrical storms. It IS a danger and unless you like to buy all new equipment every time it happens you should use every protective measure you can get your hands on!



More Comcast Rant

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Seems after all that trouble with the installer and getting the cable connected and connection issues, plus the install guy giving the wrong MAC address, you’d think they would have gotten it right.

NOOO, today my cable modem just decided to simply shut off. I reset it, no connection, reset the router, still no connection, reboot the computer and reset the modem again, still no connection, so I called Comcast using my Comcast digital voice phone line on the second modem and the tech guy couldn’t even bring up my account. He didn’t have my phone number on file, neither my cell phone number or my Comcast Digital voice phone number from which I was calling them. Neither did they have my address correct….AGAIN….or my name on file. Apparently the tech found that the MAC address was reset to the wrong MAC address, the one that was originally given by the cable installer was the wrong one, which is why it took me an extra day to even get connected.

Well now you know the details! From personal experience I can say that Charter Communications isn’t any better! Hope you people out there have better options and luck then me!

Comcast Install Rant!

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Well folks, I’m finally back online.