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Spicy Thai Food

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

I finally figured out why the food is so spicy here in Thailand. It’s because they serve the rice cold most times, so when you mix the side dishes with the rice and eat. So you can’t even tell that the rice is actually cold because your so busy reacting to the spicy food. :-D

On another note my girl friend and I took her laptop to the Acer Maintaince Center and had the DVD drive unit replaced. It’s reading Dual Layer DVD’s fine now so I’ve already scanned all the DVD’s and copied a large portion of MP3’s to her Hard Drive. I’ve also installed most of the applications I’ll need to work on the website, so I can start on that today, though you won’t see any changes for a bit, because I’m making all the changes off line, and I’ll upload the site changes later.



First time in Thailand

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

I wish I could come up with words to describe the last few weeks of travel I’ve experienced. Pictures are worth a thousand words so the best I can do is post some pictures to really tell the story. However, I’m not able to post pictures right now because this entire time the DVD player in my girl friends laptop has not been working properly so it’s not able to read most of my DVD’s with the applications and things that I brought with me. So I can resize the images, nor can I optimize them for web publication. We had planned to go to the computer store and look at the cost of getting the DVD player replaced or finding a removable DVD player. That’s part of the reason I haven’t made any posts lately, and my time online has been limited for the last few weeks, although I have been online a few times it’s not easy to get lots of time online in the Philippines. It’s a little easier to get online in Thailand. I’m currently writing this post from my girl friends laptop in her

My First Spammer

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Wow my blog just got it’s first spam! This is a historic moment, I didn’t think this little blog was important enough to recieve spam, but I guess I was wrong. To all you spammers out there, this board is managed with WordPress and I have full control over your comments. This is part of the reason I left MySpace as I’ve already noted in a previous post. Your spam comments will be moderated and nobody will see any of your comments, your only wasting your own time trying!

To everyone else I encourage you to do something about fighting back against the spam scourge. There is a free service out there that runs off of donations (tax write off). This service has lawyers that take spammer tracking data from e-mail headers and uses this information to prosecute the spammers, even to bill them for their spamming actions. The spammers can get black listed against any and all ISP’s meaning no Internet Service Provider will give them an account. International spammers are reported to the international agencies responsible for local enforcement. Of