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Yet another adventure

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Current mood: melancholy
Category: Life

Last nite was the most irritating Friday I’ve had in a long long time!

After waiting all week for my favorite TV show on every Friday night, my roomates decide to throw a pre-party before they head out to the bar. Thankfully we have DVR. The only plus side was that TJ decided to have a little jam session with his friends. He’s good enough that it actually sounds really awesome. So it’s kind of like having a live band concert in your living room, just for you. Kind of cool, but it wears off after a few hours while waiting to watch my favorite TV show.

The only draw back of having a live band in your living room, is that its loud! Which tends to draw complaints from the neighbors. So the police showed up after everyone else had already gone to the bar. I gave them the proper information of course and they asked me to warn my roommates about future violations. So when Britney called me later that night to ask me to move the wine coolers from the freezer to the fridge ( I did this), I warned her about what the police said about future noise violations. Then I went to bed and put my ear plugs in for the night.

I slept very well, except for the ringing in my ears.

Oh well, it did go away after awhile, and I did sleep ok.

The exciting part about life is I’ll be going to Washington DC for the International Mars Society Conferance. I’m presenting there about Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, and more specifically Orbiter Mars Direct Project. I still have some 3D modeling to finish for that, and some texture maps.

I also have to finish that boat Farr40 model today if possible. I had originally modeled the ropes for the railing, and the struts for the big arch thing in the middle of the boat using NURBS lines, and I just gave them a mesh thickness. I thought the mesh would export with all the other meshes, but it didn’t. So now I have to remodel those parts of the boat.

Also some optimization routines that I ran on the mesh after the modeling was finished screwed up the connections between some of those mesh segments. So I have to adjust those as well.

It’s really kind of frustrating that some of these projects have to take so long, and so much time! I just try to get them all done at once but they never seem to get finished just when I think they are about to be finished. Then there is more work to do

New Site

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

If you’ve been reading any of my blogs you know how rough of a time I’ve been having the last 2 years. All this time I’ve been dreaming of what I would do for a professional online portfolio if I ever had the chance to make one. Well here it is, I’ve finally *started* to work on it. I’m really proud of it so far and its just starting to come together. The site itself is up to about 200mb and I’ve got about 3gigs planned for it, maybe more. So there will be scads of example work and projects that I’ve been involved with, plus gords of personal photos stories, adventures, and other pieces of history from my life.

You can watch it take shape over the months here:

I’m working to switch servers and hopefully soon I’ll have the site at a stronger level. There is LOTS of stuff to post! And plenty of new graphics to develop for the site. So it may look simple now but please just be patient, it all takes time.

On a more pressing note, I did finally get the major initial portions of my FabLab project done at FabCon today! I’ve been making so much progress lately that I’m having a hard time getting my boss to keep up with my requests for meetings, and development support. I finally had to just ask for a digital camera so I could go out and take photos of some of the panels for texture mapping on the virtual wall panel objects. We have a sample wall out by the parking lot. So I’ll probably go take photos of that tomarrow, and work to build a larger library of materials in my application.

My program also needs a great deal of testing, I’ve done all the testing I can do within a normal development life cycle. At this point it needs to be tested