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The last of my hair

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

The last of my hair
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Right then,

So I was working on my latest program at my new job. I called it Fab-Lab, a Lab for doing graphics for a company called Fab-Con. It’s actually just a play on words, because they have another custom application called Fab-CAD that works with AutoCAD.

Anyways, I’ve been having this problem the last few days, and it’s my own fault, partly because of how I decided to design the software. The program outlines these pre-fabricated wall panels in a building drawing, and builds a roof segment. Well I decided to break the process into classes and class objects to make use of powerful Object Oriented Programming Techniques, like Class Inheritance, and encapsulation, and cool things like that, that you generally only truely learn about if you take a proper college course on the subject.

Graduation Gifts Thank You’s

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Graduation Gifts Thank You’s
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To My friends and family,

It’s been a full year, and I must apologize for not getting back to all of you sooner. This last year has been completely indescribable! I will attempt to give you a small glimpse of some of the things I have had to endure since my graduation in May of 2005. Graduation day was a cold day and we actually had some snow. It was Sabbath, and I’m really thankful that my parents came to watch me march to get my diploma. It was important for me since I had spent nearly a decade of my life working towards that goal.

After graduation they did come with me back to the small Adventist church in Mankato and we stayed for potluck to be with some of you my friends.

That night we went through your gift cards and money, and it really amazed me how many of you responded. I suppose I have to thank my mom for sending out so many requests! This played a key role in my survival during these months of trial that I later discovered where yet to come. I had no idea changing careers from a student to a working professional would be so difficult!

Sunday morning my parents left for their own jobs, and their own lifes, and I returned to working on mine.

Jumping back in time only 2 weeks, to the last week of school. My employer, Inteleserv a medium sized home financing and telemarketing company in St. Peter Minnesota decided that it was time to let me go, because I had so many job offers on the table, and because I was going to be graduating, and also because the following week was finals week. I of course needed plenty of time off to study for these finals to ensure that I could pass those classes and finally get my diploma.

Now my direct boss was not a small man. He was very imposing in his presence and he knew it, He also knew how to be threatening without having to make threats. He several other managers physically intimidated me into signing a release form. They made sure that the legal jargon was to long and to small to read, and put me in the situation with time constraints through their intimidating actions that forced me to sign in a timely manner. I found out later that they lied to me about what the form was really about. If I had known then what it really was I would not have signed it. As a result, my subsequent unemployment application was denied!

So I was now without a job, and without a source of income. Fortunately I had been saving as much money as I possibly could from the meager paychecks I had been getting.

Jumping back again by 2 months. I was having some financial troubles and ended up missing Half a months rent. I spoke with the land lord over the phone on a Sabbath afternoon, and asked him if it would be alright if I was a little late on half a months rent. He said it would be ok. I later found out this would also bite me back!

I was already job searching about as fast as I could. I would get regular interviews, phone interviews, in person, screening programs, job fairs, e-mail interviews, web screening applications. I was job searching at an accelerated pace. After 9 months of telemarketing, I knew the numbers game at this point. It was all about exposure for me, and contacts. So I was filling my funnel with as many contacts and connections as I possibly could. Literally spamming my resume out in some cases. I belonged to about 15 online Job boards.

To name a few:

Then I had head hunters that I was connecting with, and I got job search agents from all my online job-boards. I had canned cover letters for different types of jobs, and customized responses for all the major requests, as well as customized resumes for those different types of jobs.

I realized early on that I was never going to find a job in Mankato. However, I did connect with an old friend from some early years in college who lived closer to Minneapolis St.Paul; actually he lived at his moms house in the south metro. I contacted them, and they agreed to let me sleep on one of their couches for a few months while I worked to get my feet under me again. I was still renting in Mankato. Bear in mind that Mankato is about 100 miles away! And the place he was living at in Farmington MN was about 30 miles from down town Minneapolis.

In addition to that, once out of the Mankato area, my cell phone (the only connection I had to the outside world, other than e-mail) was giving me roaming charges. I think gas prices where about $2.20-$2.40 a gal.

By this time it was already June. I covered rent for June, but I was running out of money fast!!!!!! I started pounding the ground with my feet, doing walk-ins, following up on my online job applications. I estimate I was applying for jobs at a rate of about 40 apps per day online. So I would do about 60 phone calls a day, 40 following up on the previous days apps, and 20 phone calls following up on the apps from the day before that. (On average that is) Speaking business days here, of course. I had to stop going to Church at that time, because the nearest church was in near the St.Paul down town area, about 25 miles away. If had gone, I would have had to find someone to pay for my gas. But nobody was going to do that, I didn’t know anybody at that church that well.

So I just had my own devotion on Sabbath mornings, and that was enough for me, it had to be.

I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

At one point in June my car started to break down because of the heat and more importantly the humidity. It caused problems with my electrical system, which caused the heat sensor to short out, and that caused the coolant pump to shut down, which caused the engine to over heat, which caused the computer to prevent it from shifting to keep it from getting damaged.


So I only had 2 gears. 1st, and 2nd…I couldn’t go more than 30mph. At this point I was getting EXTREAMLY desperate! I started grasping at straws and connecting up with temp agencies. I was done looking for a professional career at this point! I just needed to survive. To fill my gas tank. The only reason I had lasted this long, was because of the gift money you all had given me for graduation! But that was all gone now, and I need money BAD! I got a day job putting stickers on boxes with a group of Latinos at a warehouse for one day.


Got a job moving 4 tons of Chicken broth from wooden pallets to other wooden pallets and checking for holes for one day. Got a job doing data entry for Magnum Tires Corporation for their billing department for a week. This job was actually one of the best jobs I got, because I found a parking spot that was free, just 10 blocks from the center of down town Minneapolis. So I could do job searches in that area, by parking in one of the free parking spots of Magnum Tires. That was and still is a benefit for me. I got a temp job driving delivery for a handicapped van company for 2 weeks before they fired me from there because I didn’t know the back roads well enough.

One day I got home to my apartment in Mankato to get some stuff that I would need in a series of interviews. Upon my arrival I found a letter taped to the window of our front door. I took it, and opened it in front of my roommates. It was a 2 week eviction notice!


Suddenly life was getting REALLY BAD!!! The land lord had sold the house, and the new owners had signed new lease agreements with new renters. They where to move in in just 2 weeks. We never did get our 30 day notice!!!

So contacted my parents and they helped me get a storage space in Mankato.

I started to move my stuff that very weekend. I begged, burrowed and Stoll some of your time and effort to help me moved, and some of you that are getting this letter even helped me carry couches, bed segments, desks, chairs, CD’s, Computers, and all the other stuff that I consider valuable in my life.

My roommates, however, didn’t do anything. They didn’t move their stuff, they didn’t start packing even. When it looked like we would not be moved out in time. The new owners of the property decided to take us to civil court. This was about the same time that Katrina hit and gas prices soared.

This friend of mine that let me sleep on his couch had his Birthday party, and some of his friends Birthday parties. He always insisted that I come along, and he would give me a ride so I didn’t have to pay for gas in my car. I was also always good to drive his car for him if he had a few to many drinks. One night, we went to a club in down town Minneapolis. They didn’t know where to park, so I suggested we part at Magnum Tires Corp. We did, and walked down to the club. It was a healthy walk. On the way back, I noticed a temp agency had their logo printed on an over-hang awning with a curb-side door. I decided to check it out next time I was in the down town area on job searches. So I did, and they called me back about a week after I applied with them, and they got me a temp job at a large corporation at $14/hr….It was in Plymouth, which was about 50 miles from the couch I was sleeping on.

By the last night of the deadline to move out all my stuff was out. I even helped my roommates some, as much as I could, considering my own deadlines, and my own expense to earnings ratio which was completely upside down.

It rained that night, and I was moving my stuff out in the rain! It was raining rather hard too! So some parts of my bed got a little wet. But I managed to dry them off with a blanket.

We got a new apartment, which we didn’t have to sign a lease for. Our new landlord was kind enough to rent out his basement to us only because he needed some way to help pay for his mortgage.

My roommates in Mankato where still not moved out by this time! And we had to go to court.


The new landlord presented the two week notice to the judge but it was stapled to the 30 day notice that we never got. They claimed that both pages where given to us. But they where not. I believe this is known as perjury and it’s a federal offense in a court of law.

The old land lord was called as a witness, and he claimed a loss on the half months worth of rent that I never was able to pay. I was not able to make it to this hearing because it was still only my second week in my new job…and I had already taken time off in the first week just to get all my stuff moved out of the apartment.

So I was not there to witness the first or the second act of perjury. He claimed he never said it was ok for me to get that half a months rent to him late.

Eviction was put on our record at that time. I refused to pay that back rent, because of the acts of perjury. Some how my parents got wind of this and insisted that they pay for it. I insisted that they NOT pay for it, and that we could prove the acts of perjury by getting the phone records, and calling some new witnesses, and get damage money back. But the extra court fees would not have been worth it. This is all over a half months rent for just me which was about $150. I mean these property owners, the old land lord and the new owners had really bad morality problems!!!

I got into the habit of waking up at 4:30am and walking out the door at 5:30am so I could be at work by 6:30am before the traffic got bad. Since I had to drive clear across the entire Minneapolis metro area by about 50 miles!

Coming back home was always much worse because it was always at the tail end of rush hour when the stop-n-go areas at their very worst! I started to learn some back roads to avoid the traffic mess.

My over draft protection was completely maxed out at this time at around $800, and that was as 26nterest rate. Now winter was approaching, and I was doing everything I possibly could to keep my car in one piece. I think my maintance bills started to sky rocket by this time. I took it into the shop about 4 times, each time cost around $500. My alternator died, and a bunch of other REALLY bad problems that would have kept me off the road!

By this time I also still owed $1300 to my ex roommate from Mankato for some additional expenses that where incurred from the prior year after moving to Mankato from Andrews University in Michigan. This was the only way I could have graduated as soon as I did. It would have taken me another year and a half at Andrews.

So I started making payments to some of these bills that I add, and just tried to stay on my feet financially and physically. I started to save as much as I possibly could. I saved up about $2000, then in early January the company I was with. X-Sys Print Solutions one of the largest manufactures of specialized industrial inks in the world for commercial products like the things you buy at Wal-Mart, they had a major merger with another corporation and they where doing some massive restructuring. They gave me my 2 week notice. At this point I was GLAD I had been saving every penny. I spoke with the unemployment office about my situation and was told that if I waited 3 months to apply, that I would have an additional $2000 on my account.

Because of my previous experience of hitting rock bottom, and the coming summer, I knew that I would probably not get a job for the remainder of 2006. So I structured my life to extend that length of unemployment to its maximum time frame. I also knew that I had tons of work to do on organizing all my electronic data. All the projects I had worked on in College, everything I had ever done. I’ve kept detailed records and electronic copies of everything!

But in college I never had the time to organize it all. Now, finally, I had been working on all of this in my spare time between my job searching, jobs I did have, and moving/dealing with life.

All my electronic music, electronic movies, files, documents, images, code, programs, applications, games, EVERYTHING!!!!

It all had to be organized! If I could get it organized, then I know I could put together a much better web site to market my abilities with direct examples of the things I had worked on in the past. From my telemarketing experience, I’ve now got strong knowledge of how powerful an example can be. Words on paper, or words on a resume are not nearly as powerful as interactive examples that allow the hireing manager to experience exactly my skills first hand.

So that was my goal, to get organized! That didn’t mean I was going to stop applying for jobs, but my goal was not to spam my resume any more. My goal was get organized, and improve my career marketing abilities. And I had the resources to do that at this time. I had a website, where I could post my portfolio and some of the example work I had done. It obviously didn’t contain all of my examples, and it wasn’t geared to perfection like I had in mind as an ultimate goal, but it would suffice for my current situation. I had already been working on this organizational process since before my graduation, so this was just an extension of what I had already been working on.

It is still online and you can view it here: is of course the new defacto standard in my professional portfolio!

I still have this as one of my primary goals…but things have changed since then. I did manage to get my stuff mostly organized. I organized about 2000 CD’s onto about 300 DVD’s, and now I only have about 80 CD’s left to organize!

I started to connect up with head hunters in the Minneapolis area, and do interviews with them. Now it was their job to find me a job, and they could be out there searching for me. I also did some side jobs on the weekends in Jan. and Feb. for the Midwest Wireless Civic Center in Mankato. I went back down there to do some training classes for a small group of their engineers to teach them how to use AutoCAD. It was for $80 per person, so I was making enough.

By March a small head hunting agency in St. Louis Park in the Minneapolis metro area called me in for an interview, so I went in and filled out their application. About a week later I went to a BIG job fair at the Minneapolis convention center and papered the town with my resume.

I got a few call-backs including a very interested company called GMAC, it’s the financing and banking division of General Motors. They brought me in for a series of interviews that lasted all day long. I expect I was a major finalist, they said they would call me back, but of course they never did. That job would have been around $60,000 a year, but as it turned out, it didn’t matter.

This small company in St. Louis Park called me back and said they had an interview for me. So I went to that one, and this company was already talking about when I would start. It was already assumed that I was hired. So we set a date and time.

The job was working for a company called Fab-Con Inc. I would be programming AutoCAD for graphics and marketing systems using engineering data at $25/hr. It is a contracting position for 6 months. But they have the option of either extending the contract, or hiring me directly at that point. Of course there is the risk that I could be out of a job at the end of that contract. However, this company invests heavily in their projects and expects results. So if I gave them results, there is a good chance they would continue to invest in developing it….this of course meant that my unemployment funds where out the door. I was expecting to get my first unemployment check shortly after I would have applied for it on April 14.

I started my first day at Fab-Con on April 10. 2006. But at the end of April, I already had scheduled a flight to Arizona for a week of training in satellite image processing for a project I had started back in August of 2004. A friend of mine from the Orbiter Free Space Flight Simulator wanted to meet with me in person, and another one of my friends Mike Miller (Barrick) from Florida. He offered to purchase our airline tickets out there. This offer coincided perfectly with my 10 year high school reunion at Monterey Bay Academy in California.

I had already been friends with Rich Wall for a number of years even through some of his worst times with his family and some of their situations. We are expecting this to be a long term friendship so he knew that I would find a way to pay him back for the airline tickets eventually.

I told him that if I was going to go to Arizona for a week to give him some training, that he would have to buy me another ticket from San Jose back to Minneapolis, and I would cover the flight leg from Arizona to San Jose.

When I signed my contract with Fab-Con Inc. and Rapid Application Development, the contracting agency, they told me that I may not get paid until the middle or end of May. But Rich had already purchased the airline tickets. So I knew I wouldn’t have the funds to cover the last leg of my trip that I had intended to purchase. So Rich offered to cover the last leg, and he did. I had already informed my employers and the contracting agency of the time I would be taking off, on my 3rd week after starting. The tickets had already been purchased by the time I started. So they knew that I would be gone.

The Midwest Wireless Civic Center still had not paid me for my work in Feb. So I followed up on it, and they required me to fill out a 1099. So I did, but I couldn’t seem to get it faxed in. Then my flight left, and me with it.

I didn’t get a busy signal from the fax on the last time I sent it in, so I expected that it had been sent and received. I arrived in Arizona, and we had a grand ole time! The first weekend my friend from Monterey Bay Academy, Andy Baker drove up from Tucson and picked me up. He drove me back down on my first night, and we had a great weekend with a bunch of his friends. He paid for everything including all the entertainment, and the restraunts. It was fantastic, the last day I was there he drove me on a tour all through the city. I got to see the Tucson aircraft bone yard, University of Arizona where they grind the telescopes, and the building where they do fusion research! I met his cousin who does the optics research for the telescopes. We went on a hike up into the mountains.

After my return Andy took off, and Rich and Mike and myself planned our trip to Flagstaff and the USGS. A day later we jumped in Riches Sorrento, kissed the cat bob goodbye and took off for Flagstaff. We found the USGS, and spent some time with a really nice lady there. She gave us a tour of the USGS facility there, we got free original lithographs from the original Voyager missions through the solar system. I spoke with some of their tech staff about data processing, and learned what I needed to process the Clementine data.

Finally we left there, and it was still early in the afternoon, so we decided to drive out to Meteor Crater and have a look at that. We could only hope they where still open as we didn’t know their visiting hours.

We got there about 30 min before they closed, so we got tickets and ran all over the place Taking pictures. I will post them in a gallery on my website later.

We met some nice ladies at a local sub-way shop they had setup in the gift shop just outside the theater, and got some sandwiches.

On our way back to Phoenix we decided to stop once more in Flagstaff and visit Lowell Observatory since it still wasn’t sunset. This is where the planet Pluto was discovered! YES IT IS A PLANET!

Then we drove back to Phoenix and stopped in the middle of the desert about half way back to have a look at the lovely true Arizona sky, including a few shooting stars, before the light pollution of Phoenix destroyed the view.

I think that was the most amazing trip of all!!!!

The rest of my time was spent training Rich on Satellite Image Processing techniques, while Mike worked on programming a rocket in Orbiter for another project Rich was working on.

A few days after that I got back on the plane and flew to San Jose, got a rental car, after standing in line for an hour!

The line was 2 hours long. I had an online reservation for $79 for the whole weekend. But the lady behind the counter couldn’t verify my reservation and so she said she would give me a better deal, at $160…hahaha some deal!

Well I didn’t have another 2 hours to wait in line, so I had to take it.

Now more about the confusion of hotel reservations. I had been told that the weekend of Graduation was set for the last weekend of April. Then my mom contacted me and said that it had been changed to the first weekend of May. But all my reservations and flights where already set for that last weekend of April, and I wasn’t about to pay the additional fees to have them changed, and change my schedule for the Arizona trip, and change my schedule for my brand new job on top of that, just because they decided to change the Alumni weekend. So I contacted one of my best friends from High School, and I told him of the situation. We made new plans and I decided to just drive up to his place by Yosemite and we would go on some hikes. We confirmed everything for this, and set the schedule.

I canceled my hotel reservation, and everything was set. He contacts me back, and says that the alumni weekend was changed from the next to the last weekend of April to the last weekend of April, not from the last weekend of April to the first weekend of May. So he suggested that I find a new hotel, and he would meet me at Alumni, but all the hotels where booked.

So I had to find another one last minute, and I couldn’t get a deal on it, because it was last minute. Most of them where completely booked already! I did find one, but it was only 2 min from the beach and cost a small fortune for someone who still hadn’t received a single pay check since Jan.

The only reason I went on this trip was because most of my expenses where covered, most especially the airlines. But now that all my reservations had completely fallen through! I didn’t have a choice!

The hotel wound up being $260!!!

Alumni weekend was GREAT! It really did work out nice!

I jumped back on the plane and flew down to LAX, and had to walk about 2 miles between terminals to the international terminal, go through security again and finally get on my new plane to Minneapolis. I arrived in Minneapolis on a rainy Monday morning. I was so beat from the over night flight that I couldn’t make it to work. I had to call in sick. I was there on Tuesday morning though.

I discovered that the fax had not gone through….and I STILL hadn’t been paid for the teaching job I did in Jan. and Feb.

I found out why it never went through, they gave me the wrong fax number. So I sent off a new fax to the right number, and confirmed it was received. Another two weeks, and I finally got my paycheck for the stuff I did in Jan. and Feb. but it was only $480.

Now the rent situation. When we first moved into the this new apartment back in August of 2005. (Referring to the basement apartment, where the landlord didn’t make us sign a lease agreement, and didn’t check my rental history for the eviction notice) the rent was set at a flat rate of $750. At the time, my roommate was out of a job, and of course, I had just gotten my new job at $14/hr.

So I agreed to pay $425, and he would pay $375 per month. That was the deal. Then we added the cable/internet/TV bill on top of that at about $25 a month for the both of us. So my total per month was about $452.

For some reason, he decided to pay $275, and the land lord didn’t mind, and he didn’t raise a fuss. I continued to pay my $425 a month, of course I also got to put my bed in the room, while my roommate slept on his recliner in the living room.

He didn’t mind sleeping on his lazy boy because he has BAD acid reflux and so he prefers to be elevated whilst sleeping. I didn’t mind paying only $452 a month because it was a deal, to have rent so cheep in the Minneapolis metro, even in the south metro! But what bothered me, was when our land lord did his accounting, and discovered the error. He brought it to the attention of my roommate. My roommate looses his temper over the issue…as if $275 was to expensive already! Our land lord was even kind enough to not charge us a deposit when we moved it! And now he wasn’t going to charge my roommate for back rent for all those months that he only paid $275 a month….and our land lord took me out for dinner often just to talk about the situation.

We didn’t have a dish washer, and I’m the one who did the dishes for 6 months! EVERY week! So by the beginning of April my roommate was sooo completely mad at our land lord for changing the rent on him (when in fact it had never changed) that he decided to move out. His brother also had a lease agreement that was ending on the last day of April and wanted both of us to move in with him and his g/f at this new apartment. So we spoke with our landlord and gave him a 3 week notice, it wasn’t the full 30 days notice, and we both apologized for it, and it was the best we could do. So we agreed to move out by April 14, and pay a prorated half months rent in the old apartment.

The new apartment did require a deposit, and I did a quick side job, for a boat simulation company, and got an advance on the finished product the same day that my supervisor for that side job left for Tokyo he paid me, and I deposited that in my account, and post-dated a check for the deposit of the new lease agreement. The deal was, we sign a 6 month lease, and we get the first month half off.

So I worked it out with my roommate. We split half months rent in the old apartment, and split half a months rent in the new apartment. The land lord threw in the agreement that we clean the old place, even though we didn’t have a lease agreement there. We both agreed to do that, and began to divvy up the responsibilities. I would clean the kitchen, fridge, stove, oven, sink, counter tops, tile floor, my room, and office area. My roommate would shampoo the carpet with a shampooer that the landlord would supply, and he would clean the bathroom….that was it. We agreed on it.

The day I came back from my flight to California, May 1. I discovered my roommate moving out early. Well that’s all fine and dandy, at least he wasn’t going to delay like my last roommates.

But then he skips out on the half months of rent, leaving me with the full bill for that place. Plus the half a months rent in the new apartment.

The new apartment is $1200 for the 4 of us. So we split that evenly, I got the second biggest room, So rent here is about $350 a month, it’s nicer, has 2 out door pools, an indoor heated pool, hot tub, sauna, two gyms, locker rooms, under ground parking for a price, off street parking lots, a better view, almost double the space, much better location! I’m only 1 block from the local Cub Foods, 1 block from Best Buy, 1 block from the Ford Dealership, 2 blocks from the big local Cinemas and mini-mall. 3 blocks from Rainbow foods, and we got restraunts and mini-malls almost all around us. Yet my window faces a lovely park with trees and flowers, and a not so busy street. Noise is down, costs are down, and earnings are up.


Only problem is my roommates are party room mates, and the street lights are really bright at night. The bonus is the blinds are dark, and it’s quite! And my roommates do keep the place reasonably clean, they also tell me when they are going to have a party so I can have a chance to put my ear plugs in and set my alarms to blare really loud in the morning at 4am so I am sure wake up even with ear plugs in. I better watch what I am saying about them, because I’m posting this online in my blog as well, and they can view it. But they are cool guys, I dont have anything against them, and their friends are pretty cool too. They don’t mind me venting on my blog about them from time to time.

Ok, so a definite improvement. Now you see why I took this place!

When I got back from California, I discovered that, not only was my roommate moving out early and leaving me with the remainder of the rent, but he also wasn’t going to do his share of the cleaning, AND he left some of his stuff behind for me to deal with, and maintain in storage.

So our landlord had to do my roommates share of the cleaning, because the new renter wanted to move in the exact same weekend I was moving out. The weekend of May 13 and May 14 2006.

The rent for the new apartment was due ASAP, and I also discovered upon my return that my bank account was completely over drawn by about $340. So I had ZERO money! I had to beg this roommate of mine to pay the $150 of rent for the new apartment, just to front me the rent.


He did this, but I would have to pay most of it back in 24 hours. So I begged for $100 from a co-worker who wrote me a check for $100. Then I had to find a bank that would cash the check. My own bank wouldn’t do it because I was over drawn. Finally I just signed the check over to my roommate, and hoped that would satisfy him. So now I just owed $325 for rent of the old apartment, and $100 for my coworker, and $370 for the over draft on the bank.

I finally did get that check for $480, and I paid about $200 for the rent of the old apartment, and $100 for my coworker.

That left me with $180 to last me the next two weeks. So I just lived off of cash until I got my first pay check from my new job. Which I just got last week, the last week of May. That was for 2 weeks worth of work, and it was about $1400. So I cleared the bank, made $100 payment towards my over draft, which was now $1100, and I paid the remainder of my back rent with the old apartment, and cleared the $50 with my roommate. Then I waited to let the financial dust settle. I cleared my cell phone account payments, and purchased a new set of pillows for my bed. The old ones where 5 years old! And flat as tortillas. I got LOTS of new food, since I had been living off or orange juice and Tums for more than a few months now.

I got tomatoes, Lettuce, Carrots, Cereal, Milk, more OJ, Salsa, Beans, Cheese, Ice cream, sour cream, Spices, Macaroni, Spaghetti, instant mashed potatoes, olives, chips, and other foods!

I purchased a new seat cushion for my home office chair that my parents got me back in 2004 for my Birthday then.

Now looking forward, I need to pay off the rest of my over-draft account ASAP because it’s about $1100 sitting at 26nterest. I’ll probably do most of that with my next paycheck. The rear brakes on my car are totally gone, front ones are still almost brand new. So I’ll get those done. I already ordered new floor mats for my car. Current one has a hole in it the size of a dollar bill.

I still owe $1000 of back rent to my ex roommate from Mankato, and I’m planning to give a speech at the International Mars Society Convention in DC, along with my first publication.

So I’ll need to buy tickets to that. I owe Rich for the tickets he got me, and he wants to go See the Space Shuttle Launch in August before driving up the Eastern coast to meet up with me In Washington DC. So I need to buy him an airline ticket to Miami in August, in addition to My ticket to DC at the same time. I’ve got plans to stay with my friend Cyrus who just lost His job with Unisys a few weeks ago as a contractor IT Tech support for the finance and Administration department of the US government. He just got two job offers yesterday for over $70,000, and he’s taking one of them, but he can’t tell me which one because his new job has A category of “Top Secret”, and he does have his TS clearance! But he will have some spare Beds for Rich, and myself, and Mike Miller. Because we are all planning on attending the Mars Society Convention. Hopefully we will have a booth there to represent the Orbiter Mars

Direct Space Flight Simulator addon.

So here I am, it’s a lovely Sabbath afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, and its cool, bright, Birds are singing outside my window. Rent is paid, I’ve got food in my fridge, new pillows on My bed. My bank account is out of the red, and plenty of space and privacy in my new room.

Thank you all for your gifts! I would not have been able to make it without your help! You Saved my life! And that’s the HONEST Truth!!!!

Thank you mom and dad for sending out the graduation notices! Thank you for bailing me out Even when I didn’t want you to.

I love you all, and God Bless!

Love Always and Forever



P.S. Check my website for updates, I’ve taken photos of the old rental places, and I’ll be Posting pictures on here as well as my website. You’ll get a few good laughs out of the Places I’ve lived! I know I do. Feel free to read and respond to this and future blog postings at my online blog if you wish.

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